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Jef's spoonrack - finally got around to it!

It was supposed to be my first proper project after my workbench, but I ended up building the side table and danish stool first. But I finally used the pine planks I first bought at the beginning of lockdown and if I'd known how satisfying it would be I might have done it sooner! Hand-shaped oak finger pull on the drawer and danish oil to finish. Definitely going to adapt the design for a saw till too, it's begging for it!

B&Q pine

Another fantastic learning experience, with a half decent result. The first thing I made on the english workbench. Going to use it to store marking gauges and similar, I think.

#2 Common Pine is Dear Now

Clear pine at Lowes costs as.much as cherry at our only wood shop, so paint makes it good.

Spoon rack wall cabinet

Wall cabinet with popular case, ash drawer front and walnut pull.