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Australian Red Cedar table

Just completed the hall table built from Australian red cedar with a shellac and wax finish. Very proud of the end result using only hand tools. I must say a big thanks for your videos being so clear and enjoyable to follow, I have learned an incredible amount from them. look forward to building one of your next projects. Darren.

Third One

I’ve made three of these tables. The first is in my living room. The second, a stouter version, serves as the base for my tool cabinet. My sister in law requested a study table for her granddaughter. If I’d know she was going to want it painted white, I’d have probably used an overlapping face for the drawer. The white makes the gaps stand out. But she was happy with it and it was fun to build.

Bedside table from hall table design

My plan to build the hall table got delayed through family issues (mother passed aged 94) but when my granddaughter wanted a sturdy bedside table I decided to use with minimum changes making the smaller table. The complication was really the shelf which I had to leave as 2 pieces that I joined in situ because there was no way to make a single piece one that would go in. Think about it! The drawer became quite small but I was asked if a secret compartment could be included. It hold 5 Twix bars! Because of the draw-bored M&T joinery the table is strong and stable and the full taper legs give it a cheeky stance I feel. Paint from Shabby Nook Fusion range. The beech top was made up from narrow boards I was given and the legs and frame from pine with oak pegs. drawer rails from mahogany that was spare.

2nd project

Pine base and oak top, 2 legs and a drawer in the bin, took 3 months of an hour an evening but eventually got it done! On to the French workbench now.

Mashup in recycled roof beams

I did some skip diving following the loft conversion of the house opposite ours in SW London. Combined with some other scavenging I was able to build this six seater dinning table which is a mashup of the tressle table and hall table builds. Chuffed with how it turned out.