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2nd project

Pine base and oak top, 2 legs and a drawer in the bin, took 3 months of an hour an evening but eventually got it done! On to the French workbench now.

Mashup in recycled roof beams

I did some skip diving following the loft conversion of the house opposite ours in SW London. Combined with some other scavenging I was able to build this six seater dinning table which is a mashup of the tressle table and hall table builds. Chuffed with how it turned out.

Hall Table Is Granddaughter's Vanity

Since a granddaughter wanted a makeup vanity, it needed a bench. I made a reduced ton of the table sans drawer. Surprisingly, it turned out quite nice. I will deliver it Christmas day.

Hall Table Will Be Granddaughter's Vanity

I am well satisfied with the results, even with a couple of plane tracks in the red oak top. I have a deal with my grandchildren: take the first one or take the chance I'll live to make a second...I am 72 years old. The base is poplar and painted with Dixie Belle Bunker Hill Blue Chalk Mineral Paint.

Retro sideboard inspiration

Really enjoyed watching the retro sideboard series and it gave me the inspiration and techniques to adapt it into a retro meets craftsman style TV stand and display case. Thanks Richard and Helen for that.