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Not Quite a French Workbench

I already have a workbench so this isn’t a french workbench post although you can say that it is french with a name like “Etaux”. The newly popularized Etaux aka HiVise has been on my to do list for a while, but I never got around to ordering the hardware. After seeing the shopmade crisscross in the French Workbench series, I decided to get it a go along with a shopmade wooden screw. I followed the plans for the crisscross, but shortened the steel bars to around 9” length since this is a mini leg vise. The plans did not mention a set screw for the Etaux, but I saw one used in the video so I included that in mine. Metalworking is quite foreign to me so I was beyond thrilled to see that it actually works! Tools used were a shoddy, wobbly drill press, hacksaw, and files. I also “finished” the metal using the cold bluing chemicals used for firearms. So I just wanted to say that if I can do it, it really is as easy as Richard states in the video series. It was time consuming, of course, given the tools used.

Not quite french

Some ideas inspired by this video. Used scrap bits of pine from work. Thankyou Richard & Helen

My bench build.

Can I build a functional sturdy work bench using handtools? This was the question I asked my self last year when i started my woodworking hobby, and today i can say "absolutely!" 2 months ago I started building this bench with a working strategy of breaking it down into small tasks so I won't get overwhelm by the enormous build. I invested 8 weekends, an hour every morning, sweat and blood, hours of reading & researching bench building books and you tube watching. And today I installed the last piece, waxed the top and call it finished :-) Project: Split top roubo bench for handtool Measurement: 4 3/4" thick top; 25" width; 6' long; 31" height Tools used: Handtools, almost everything on my tool cabinet Workholding: legvise, end vise, holdfasts, planing stop, top insert Finish: Tung oil finish; beezwax-mineral oil wax Wood: acasia