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Not quite french

Some ideas inspired by this video. Used scrap bits of pine from work. Thankyou Richard & Helen

My bench build.

Can I build a functional sturdy work bench using handtools? This was the question I asked my self last year when i started my woodworking hobby, and today i can say "absolutely!" 2 months ago I started building this bench with a working strategy of breaking it down into small tasks so I won't get overwhelm by the enormous build. I invested 8 weekends, an hour every morning, sweat and blood, hours of reading & researching bench building books and you tube watching. And today I installed the last piece, waxed the top and call it finished :-) Project: Split top roubo bench for handtool Measurement: 4 3/4" thick top; 25" width; 6' long; 31" height Tools used: Handtools, almost everything on my tool cabinet Workholding: legvise, end vise, holdfasts, planing stop, top insert Finish: Tung oil finish; beezwax-mineral oil wax Wood: acasia