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3rd project

Pine base and top with a local slab of cherry for the leg vice, made the cross mechanism with some mild steel bars, filed the ends into rounds and drilled holes through with my cordless drill, amazingly it works!! Made a planing stop as well with some mild steel plate, very proud of myself, just need to decide what to build first!

French workbench in beech

I have only recently got into woodwork and was looking for projects and ideas. I spend a week at Rowden Atelier and got some basic experience of how to use handtools. I then found your site and and really enjoying the approach. I have done the side table project but really needed a decent workbench, so the logical thing to do was order a lot of beech and then get into it. I have learnt so much from your videos and correcting the errors I made along the way. If you note the walnut inserts on the side they cover up where I had to drill holes through as one of the top boards had a split in it. Thank you and looking forward to whatever comes next.