Get Sharp. Sharpening Edge Tools

Take control of your woodworking, with sharp edges. A Series for understanding the kit, the methods & your edges to optimise for efficient sharpening, & more importantly, efficient woodworking.



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“I give it a hearty thumbs up! If you are new to hand tool work, you could not find a better introduction… If you are an experienced woodworker he takes you back to some fundamentals that can make a marked improvement on the way you work… I know it has changed my methods at the bench and all for the better.” – ‘By Hand & Eye’ author George Walker

“Richard is a great teacher. He’s clearly thought these things through and thought about how to present them to others… the flow of the videos is perfect. You don’t feel like things are rushing by nor do you feel like this thing is droning on. The videos are very clear, beautiful, and totally entertaining. If you haven’t purchased this yet, I highly recommend you do. The value is far beyond the investment.” – Joshua Klein, Publisher ‘Mortise & Tenon Magazine’